Our Academics

SZAWS middle school is a Common Core Standards and NGSS school.  We emphasize creative and critical thinking skills in an art-focused environment.  Our school is proud to offer a 3-1 program with our mentor school: Crosspoint Academy in California, USA. Students at SZAWS can transfer to CCA in high school to begin acclimation to the culture and expectations for University level courses.
Primary school update:  For the coming 2020-2021 school year, we are proud to announce our application to become an IB world school.  This process will focus on the PYP initially, and expand into the MYP in years to come.  Please visit the IB website to learn more information about the program.

Grades KG to K5 use the Reading Wonders curriculum to teach literacy.  Middle and High school courses follow McGraw Hill Interactions curriculum, aligned to CommonCore Standards.


As a NextGen Science Standards (NGSS) school, we utilize the InspireScience curriculum K-8 to engage our students as science learners and apply real-world experiments to the curriculum.


FIFA is proud of our "Writing Across the Curriculum" program, in which students write in every class for a variety of real-world purposes.


FIFA students are international--we teach not only Chinese national geography and history, but also the geography of the world in order to better prepare students for an education abroad.


Mathematics is one of our leading areas at FIFA.  Our school is in the process of designing an accelerated program which combines the best of CCSS alongside the Chinese math curriculum.  This accelerated math program contains elements from the best of both curriculums.

Physical Education

Physical education is important at FIFA.  We follow the curriculum standards for California PE credit courses and the Chinese National Standards.  This curriculum includes various movement skills as well as mindfulness in health choices.